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Graphic community; wallpapers, icons and layouts


* You must specify what size whatever you are requesting should be. This even goes for icons, since not everyone is always after standard 100*100 icons.
* If you have specific images in mind make sure for the love of god, they are in high quality.
* Chances are, unless it's Arashi, or unless images are found on boys_paper or jrock_scans, I'm not going to have images. If (high quality) images aren't found in either of these places, please be prepared to link me to, or send me images.
* With requests, unless it's a colour scheme or basic design, try to not be too detailed with what you request. For the most part, I never have a specific plan when I start making graphics; I don't work that way, I just go with whatever fits the feel of what I'm making. I am not going to change my method for one person. It won't result in good work, and the whole point of requesting is to get something you like, right?
*For graphics that are going to be displayed publicly (icons, headers, layouts, banners etc) please credit me. Graphics aren't quick to make.

That said, if what I make isn't something you like, do not be afraid to say and I'll try and work something out with you.

If the wording of that seems a bit blunt, or harsh, I'm... A little apologetic. I just want it set out in stone so that if (ahaha xD;) I get requests, it's clear to everyone just how I work is.

So~ I often have much time to kill/am procrastinating from university work, so don't be afraid to request something. It might even broaden my boundaries graphics wise. Contrary to popular belief, I don't just like Arashi *laugh*

Copy and paste the following text into a comment H E R E, fill it out, and I'll get to your request ASAP

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